• Sentimental Manteau s'offre au public sur un plateau, celui de l'Allégro (Miribel, 38)



  • Un bel article et un bel accueil pour Sentimental Manteau à Châlon dans la rue (Juillet 2009)


Quelques extraits de presse :

« Déconcertant et poétique, Olivier Burlaud (Albatros) a su créer l'émotion avec Sentimental Manteau. »

Le Progrès de Lyon, 6 juillet 2006



"(...)The wow’s, silences, kept breaths and loud laughs showed that the children were drawn into the world of Cirque AlbaTros. Burlaud gave the children the chance to react to what he was doing and made sure there was time for interaction. This is why the children were kept in constant awe by Burlaud’s performance. He was able to create a good balance between technical juggling and creating fantastical figures, which made juggling extremely suitable for young children to be introduced to.


The adult audience will have been astonished by the innovativeness of Cirque AlbaTros (...)  the children saw a wonderful 35-minute performance."

Soesja Pijlman , Kaskade Magazine, novembre 2009